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  • The Russian Android mobile operating system may appear next year



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    Why has the development of a Russian Android mobile OS become a difficult challenge for major companies?"


    According to Kommersant, Sberbank, VK, Yandex and Rostelecom are planning to soon submit their achievements on the project of a mobile operating system based on the open Android code.

    Experts in this area reported that the project of a modified Russian version of the Android operating system is also under consideration by the Ministry of Digital Transformation, and soon he will be presented to the curator in the field of information technology - Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko.

    According to industry experts, the key participant in the project is "VK", which develops the RuStore application store. The project also involves the developers of Yandex and Sberbank, but Rostelecom did not show much interest, since it already has its own mobile operating system, Aurora", on the basis of which Russian CCP will soon be available.

    The Google’s modified version of the Android operating system is formed and controlled by the Center for Expertise and Coordination of Informatization under the Ministry of Digital Transformation. His first achievements are planned to be presented this spring.

    Sources in the media report that since the beginning of the year, two meetings have been held at the Ministry of Digital Transformation on the project for the development of a mobile operating system, where representatives of developers from VK, Yandex, Sberbank, and", "Rostelecom "and" Open Mobile Platforms "( is engaged in the project of the operating system" Aurora "), "Caspersky Lab" ( KasperskyOS ), GC "Astra" ( Astra Linux ), "Basalt STRo" <, NTC IT ROSA ( OS ROSA ) and Red Soft ( "Red OS" ), as well as employees of domestic manufacturers of consumer electronics, including "Aquarius", F + tech and other companies. During the meetings, participants announced the need for active state support for this project.

    One of the meeting participants said that at the moment the project of the domestic mobile operating system based on the open Android code has not been documented, there is only an initial study and discussion of its stages between interested parties and probable performers.

    At the end of last year, plans were announced for Sberbank, VK, Yandex and Rostelecom to create a company to develop a mobile operating system based on an open, publicly available Android code. The name of the project is still unknown. It is expected that the mobile platform will be supported by all smartphones certified for Android, and will be able to replace the ecosystem of Google Mobile Services ( GMS ).

    Experts believe that such an Android-based OS will be in demand among users in Russia due to compatibility with a large number of mobile applications. They explained that VK and Sberbank have long been interested in developing an analogue of GMS. In their opinion, "large players are ready to unite in order to develop a platform", because "everyone needs it who wants their applications to have adequate functionality". Representatives of VK, Yandex and Rostelecom declined to comment for the media.

    However, formally there is no consortium yet, but large players are ready to unite to develop a platform. The new OS will be directed specifically to the consumer segment, and the Aurora OS, which is being developed by Rostelecom",will primarily be used on smartphones in the public sector.

    Let the Chinese Huawei already go with its Harmony OS based on open Android, the AppGallery app store and the Huawei Mobile Service ( HMS ) platform. In 2021, the number of AppGallery users reached 580 million people, and 730 million people around the world use HMS services, 5 million developers are involved in their creation.

    However, experts cannot yet determine what budget will be required to develop such an Android mobile operating system for Russia. In their opinion, most of the applications of Russian developers are already adapted for Android, so the costs will not be multibillion, as is the case with the Aurora OS". It can take no more than a year to create an Android RU OS and an ecosystem for it.
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