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  • The blade of justice does justice in Saudi Arabia



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    Hackers do not work for money, but for an idea.


    The Justice Blade group published the stolen data of Smart Link BPO Solutions, an IT outsourcing provider working with large enterprises and government agencies in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries.

    Attackers claim to have stolen a significant amount of data, including:

    • CRM records;
    • personal information;
    • email messages;
    • contracts;
    • credentials.
    Judging by the published screenshots, the incident affected Active Directory, as well as internal applications and services.

    Hackers also published screenshots of active RDP sessions and Office 365 relationships between various companies from the region, as well as several user lists allegedly associated with FlyNas ( airline ) and SAMACares ( initiative, managed by the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia ), containing more than 100,000 entries. In addition, the group posted photographs of Saudi government officials on the leak site.

    According to the Security Information Agency, this data leak can be one of the largest cyber security incidents in the supply chain in the region due to its wide coverage of enterprises and the public sector. Attackers can use stolen data to attack other companies and individuals of interest to them. Federal regulatory authorities are investigating the incident to determine the full extent of the hack and its consequences.

    According to researchers, on October 30, the Metasploit Framework was launched in the company's networks, and the attack announcement was published on November 2. According to leaked correspondence between company employees, hackers gained access to the system using the account of one of the employees.

    At the moment, there is no evidence that the attack is motivated by money, since there were no requirements for the repurchase of the company. Experts suggest that Justice Blade – is an ideologically motivated group aimed at Saudi Arabia.

    It is not yet clear whether this attack is associated with an increase in tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Moreover, Saudi Arabia recently provided intelligence to the United States, according to which Iran can prepare to attack the Kingdom.

    Smart Link BPO Solutions is a business unit of Al Khaleej Training and Education Group. In 2012, AL Khaleej was included in the Forbes Middle East 2012 list as one of the 100 most influential companies in the GCC region ( Gulf Arab Cooperation Council ).
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