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Searching For Vulnerability Flaws Using GoLismero


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Jan 28, 2016
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What is GoLismero?
GoLismero is a pure python written Web Knife. This vulnerability assessment tool can easily be
expanded to other kind of scans since it can run it's own security tests and manage lots' of well
known security tools e.g SQLMap,robot analyzer,OpenVas ad a lot more like the one you are in the
process of coding right now..so as we side it's a pure pthon coded hence no native library dependency thus making it easy and flexible to use and that's why we wanna taste it now:dance3:

1.Fire up your mechaical tool box and let's get started(kali):
)a(Searching for vulnerabilities in Our Target

-Open up terminal and execute the following commands
-# golismero scan <website-target>
The "website-target"argument is our target's website domain e.g
-# golismero scan arizona.com (just an example doesn't mean am going to scan arizona)

From the output of the command you should get important info about the current status of
your website security

2.We've got the security flow now how am going to generate the Web Report?
)b(Web report
If you're workig for a client who has asked you for the report and you want to send it,here is how you can do it since GoLismero supports diffrent file formats.
Add a -o argument that will generate and create the report. N/B generate yes, you got it
right..GoLismero can create a report whose format is guessed from the file extension.
Here's the command:

golismero scan <website-target> -o - -o securityreport.html

For example, to create a report in the reports folder of the system with the name securityreport.html of the website arizona.com, we could simply run the following command:

golismero scan arizona.com -o - -o /root/reports/securit[DAYS=][/DAYS]yreport.html

The HTML report is completely self contained in a single .html file, making it very easy to share and also its layout is consistent with a .html across all platforms.