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  • On the same rake: the American postal service was again attacked by hackers



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    Mailchimp has been the victim of a second hack in a year.


    Last week, the American company Mailchimp, which owns a marketing automation platform and the eponymous postal service, reported that it was the victim of a data leak related to a social engineering attack. This is the second attack in a year from which the company suffered.

    The leak occurred on January 11 and, according to Mailchimp, was associated with « a non-authorized entity that gained access to the tool used by employees to support customers and administer accounts ».

    After gaining access, the attacker applied social engineering methods to Mailchimp employees and contractors. Thanks to this attack, the hacker was able to steal employee credentials and use them to log in.

    Mailchimp reported that the attack was targeted and was limited to 133 accounts. After the attack, Mailchimp suspended access to compromised accounts to secure user data. The service promptly warned the owners of these accounts of the incident.

    Mailchimp did not publish any information about the attacked clients, but evidence suggests that the alleged victims were cryptocurrency and financial organizations.

    Yuga Labs, a cryptocurrency company and developer of the famous NFT collection « Bored Ape Yacht Club », on January 19 published information that also fell victim to this attack. In a series of tweets, the cryptocurrency company explained that its account was « one of many compromised by » as a result of the attack.

    « Recently, we learned that there was a data leak in Mailchimp, a popular email platform, and our account was one of many compromised. We used this service only a few times for limited purposes, but, just in case, we wanted to share what we know », — is written in the publication Yuga Labs. The company further explained that although access to its data could have been obtained, there is currently no information that they were abducted and used by intruders.

    « We know that such incidents can cause uncertainty. We continue our investigation and will provide the owners of the affected accounts with timely and accurate information throughout the » process, — writes Mailchimp in its official publication.

    Read more about the last attack

    In March 2022, Mailchimp was subjected to a similar attack, which also affected cryptocurrency and financial companies. The cybercriminal responsible for the attack also launched a phishing attack on company contacts received during the hack.

    Mailchimp representatives said that during the last attack, the hacker looked at 319 accounts, and data was exported from 102 records. The investigation showed that the targets were enterprises operating in the cryptocurrency and financial sectors.

    As a result of the hacking, Mailchimp compromised the databases of the Trezor hardware bitcoin wallet, and its users became victims of a malicious phishing attack on April 3, 2022. Hackers told Trezor users that he had undergone a « security attack ». Then the victims were asked to connect their bitcoin wallets to a phishing application similar to the original Trezor application.

    Trezor representatives said: « Even after installing malware on their devices, the operating system must determine that the software is received from an unknown source. This warning cannot be ignored, since all official software has a digital signature SatoshiLabs ». The company further reported that users should only worry about their bitcoins if they entered code phrases from their wallets into a malicious application. Otherwise, it is enough to remove the application from your smartphone and make sure that it did not leave tailings « in the » system.
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