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[NEW MWTHOD] Scam People for easy money


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Apr 22, 2016
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This method consists of scamming people right in from of their face. This takes balls and not for everyone especially if your not confident enough to approach people.

Never seen this method before (HQ)

  1. Step 1: Go somewhere popular like a mall

    Step 2: Turn off your phone and go up to people and tell them its broken and you need to text your friend

    Step 3: Go on their phone and search for cashapp, paypal, venmo or any others.

    Step 4: Quickly enter your email or phone number and send yourself money

    Step 5: Swipe out of it, tell them thanks and walk away quickly

    Step 6 (optional): Send a quick text to yourself to make it seem more legit

    Step 7: Transfer the money to your bank or buy gift cards with it, (they might dispute it later and your account may be banned or go negative, so you might need a few accounts if your going to repeat this)

    Note: If they catch you hand them back their phone and leave the area before they call security. Try to do this far from where you live as to not get caught. You can try to also conceal yourself with like a big jacket. Don't hit the same spot too often or you will get caught.