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How to Beat PAYPAL Security and make a clear succesful payment



here is how to make clear payment of paypal
and to avoid security measures

first of all when u got a paypal account
u should know the billing address for the account
in billing address u can see the city and state
you have to login with strong socks5[/b] from same state of paypal
otherwise no one can get benefit from the account and it will get limit ,,


am ganna speak about 2 types of paypal
verified , unverified

with verified you can buy stuff like laptops , TV , i phones , PC and many expensive things from ebay ,and other big shopping sites ,,

it doesn't matter the balance on it ,
coz in verified account there is confirmed cvv + confirmed bank account
so even if the balance is 0,0 $ u can buy anything , coz it will take the money frm cvv+bank account and complete your purchase ,

with unverified paypal account , you can buy hotfile accounts , rapidshare , skype credit and many accounts of premium sites ,

it also doesn't matter the balance coz there is cvv on the account

paypal accounts could have more than 1 cvv and more than 1 bank account
paypal is so sensitive , i mean if you try to buy anything by your ip or old socks or old proxy it will get limit ,,
for ur information guys ,
all vpn are blocked from paypal , so u can't use vpn even if its purchased one to pay by paypal ,, directly it will get limit ,,
another thing ,, if there are more than 3 different ip or socks login into same paypal account ,, it will get limited.
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