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  • Hacker received six years for fraud in the OPG



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    The hacker who escaped 4 years ago was sentenced to six years. Artem Mazurenko first witnessed the high-profile case of cyber fraudsters who stole a billion rubles from banks. Escape “ heavier ” punishment.

    The verdict to Artem Mazurenko was recently announced by a judge of the Basmanny Court of the capital, Valentina Levashova, writes “ Kommersant ”. The trial of him has been ongoing since February, and history itself has been going on since 2018. Then they tried a cybercriminal group that stole more than a billion rubles from large banks. The organizer of the organized crime group, Yuri Lysenko, received 13 years in the colony.

    In total, 13 people were involved in the case. Two, Artem Mazurenko and Anton Ekimenko, who were on his own recognizance, fled and were put on the wanted list. Mazurenko was caught and placed in pre-trial detention center-4 “ Bear ” last May, Ekimenko — a little later.

    The Basmanny Court found Mazurenko guilty of committing a particularly large fraud in the field of computer information ( h. 4 tbsp. 159.6 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ), as well as participation in the organized criminal community ( h. 2 tbsp. 210 of the Criminal Code ).

    According to “ Kommersant ”, during the debate of the parties, representatives of the state prosecution asked to sentence the accused to eight years in prison in a penal colony, a fine of 250 thousand rubles. and restriction of liberty for a term of ten months after serving a sentence.

    According to lawyers, Mazurenko, even during the investigation many years ago, could well count on retraining as a witness, since he played a minor role in the group.

    The decision to escape in 2018 “ was fundamentally wrong ” and “ aggravated position ”. And it was because of this that “ the possibilities for defense were small ”, and therefore the lawyer recommended that Mazurenko agree with the full charge. As a result, he was assigned six years in a penal colony.

    According to investigators of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, whose arguments were later confirmed by the courts, in 2014 Yuri Lysenko created a cybercriminal group, which first dealt with “ cleaning ” accounts of ordinary bank customers. Hackers used malware and vulnerabilities in protecting businesses.

    According to the estimates of the investigation, more than 1 billion rubles were stolen.

    The second source of earnings was the installation of special devices on ATMs to manage the process of issuing banknotes.

    Promsvyazbank, banks “ Zenit ”, “ Trust ”, “ Uralsib ” and others suffered from the actions of cybercriminals. Loud detentions of suspects began in the summer of 2015.
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