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  • Fraudsters offer Russians a job on AliExpress through instant messengers



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    Fraudsters breed Russians under the guise of the AliExpress brand. The scheme is simple: a potential victim is offered a job to promote goods on AliExpress, but first you need to deposit money and make a fake purchase of goods.

    The user who has fallen for the trick is offered to put a certain amount in his personal account on a third-party site, at the same time he needs to buy a product in order to “raise interest in it”. Then they promise to return the spent amount with bonuses, and increase the money deposited into the account and the cost of fake purchases.

    As sources told Izvestia, in the end, the so-called employers disappear along with the money of a gullible citizen. Often, such schemes have a good chance of success due to the situation in the labor market and the attractiveness of remote work.

    Fraudsters send job offers on AliExpress to users in messengers, promising earnings from 5 to 30 thousand rubles a day. For employment, you need to create a personal account on a third-party site, which in fact turns out to be phishing. For persuasiveness, attackers will place the AliExpress logo on such a site.

    After the user opens an account, he needs to put 500 rubles into the account. With this money, he will then buy a number of goods, ostensibly to promote sellers. They promise to return the money and even add a 4% commission on the purchase price to them. To save the victim from suspicion, scammers actually return the funds for the first time.

    The second time, the amount increases to two thousand rubles, and the cost of goods already exceeds it (as a rule, by 6 thousand rubles). The user is offered to increase the balance and not to worry, because the money will still be returned. It is at this moment that scammers disappear along with the funds of a gullible citizen.

    According to statistics from one of Izvestia's sources, 5-7% of users who receive a job offer fall for the bait. AliExpress itself is already aware of such schemes; the company emphasized that they had nothing to do with this and had already contacted law enforcement agencies.
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