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  • FBI investigates cybersecurity incident in its internal network



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    The media reported that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ) is investigating a cybersecurity incident on its internal network. The organization’s security systems recorded malicious activity of unknown users inside a closed network perimeter.

    The FBI representative explained that the IT specialists identified the « separate and isolated incident », are working to eliminate it, and are blocking the affected segments of the network. Part of the FBI network was eventually closed to all users as part of ongoing operational measures to localize the attack.

    According to media reports, unknown hackers hacked the network segment of the FBI Central Office computer system in New York and gained access to some servers for a while. Agency specialists from the attack team investigated cases of child exploitation and other crimes related to violence.

    According to one of the media sources, the forces of several FBI Security Service units were thrown to eliminate the internal attack, as the computer network of the FBI's main office in the United States was threatened. The representative of the press service of the department refused further comments by the media. « This is an isolated incident that has been localized. As his investigation continues, the FBI has no more additional information for the media », — was specified in the agency.

    In November 2021, an unknown hacker hacked into the FBI's mail infrastructure and began mass mailing of fake cyber attacks from the agency’s internal mail servers. All emails were signed by the cryptographic keys of the Bureau. As a result, more than a few thousand system administrators of various American companies and government agencies received spam distribution. An attacker found vulnerability in the operation of FBI servers on the LEEP — portal is a gateway that provides access to useful resources for law enforcement agencies, intelligence groups and criminal justice agencies. Hacker found that using this portal, after receiving a one-time password in the HTML code of the web page, you can legally send messages to external addressees on behalf of the FBI.
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