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Chinese scammers stole more than $ 500 million from Indian people


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Jan 28, 2016
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Several fraud schemes have been uncovered, including the creation of shell companies and microloans.


Chinese cybercriminals stole $ 529 million from Indian people using lending applications, fake part-time offers and fictitious cryptocurrency trading schemes. This was stated by the cybercrime department in Uttar - Pradesh, India.

According to Indian media reports, fraudsters massively sent SMS - messages that, according to police, were sent from China, while some operators were in Nepal and worked under the direction of Chinese intruders. Fake web - sites and cryptos - applications were created to attract investors.

The head of the Uttar police - Trieni cybercrime pride said the same hackers from China are behind fraud. SMS - aggregators are also involved in this.

The criminals hid with stolen funds, first transferring the victims' money to local Indian bank accounts and digital wallets, and then transferring cash to the Zebpay cryptocurrency exchange platform and the international Binance platform. The stolen money was eventually withdrawn in China.

Another extortion scheme conducted by scammers from the Indian city of Gurugram was also revealed. Four Indian citizens reportedly extorted money in exchange for false promises of small loans.

The suspects also created the - call centers for further crimes and were aimed at people with low financial literacy. Now the criminals are in custody. According to the Indian Corporate Affairs Department, fraudsters liaised with their foreign counterparts with the help of the Chinese messenger Husys.

Investigators argue that the suspects were shareholders and directors of shell companies created in India on behalf of their Chinese colleagues, who actually made decisions and managed cases.

The ministry announced the arrest of one Indian resident who plays a key role in the scheme, named "Mr. Dortse", when he tried to escape from India. Dortse was a member of the board of directors of Jillian India Ltd and initiated the scheme.