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Carding Seagm For Mobile Legens Diamonds With Proof (Using Only Android)


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Jan 28, 2016
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Requirement :
  • Malaysia paypal account with cc attached
  • Premium VPN located at Malaysia (Public VPN will not work ! Check your proxy score first.)
  • Make sure the paypal currency in MYR (If not,convert it)
Step :
  1. For first step clean all data of your browser.
  2. Active malaysia vpn.
  3. Create new email same as paypal. (For example if the paypal email is [email protected],you can create [email protected])
  4. Create new account at seagm with emaik you make in step 3 and logout. (You need to use
  5. Wait a few hour and login back to seagm account.
  6. Find the product and ready to make a payment.
  7. Choose paypal (myr) as the payment method.
  8. Pay using malaysia paypal account that you bought or spam.
  9. For first time buy,they will review it.In my case my order has been approve aftwr 3 hour.
  10. If your order is approved,wait a few hour and order more product.After the first review,your order will process instantly.
  11. Order more product until the cc that attached to the paypal die.