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  1. Walmart visa gift card instant cash out!!

    I load Walmart via gift card. It takes an hour to reflect and we can cash out via Walmart to Walmart transfer/WU/MoneyGram etc. the card CANNOT be used at the atm but can be used for making purchases. The card costs just $5 to buy. I need just 1 or 2 trusted person/persons to partner with and we...
  2. I need 100$ paypal or bank transfer, if u can contact me

    Hello guys i would like to get 100$ paypal ,wu, moneygram,bank transfer, if you are verifed or registered seller. I would like you to do deal with me I need 100$ i can send perfect money, or skrill. Let me know if u able to do that. Thanks I will buy more service from you if u smoothly...
  3. Selling Wu Transfer, Paypal, Bank and Skrill Transfers & Prepaid Cards

    ⟰ Wu - Bank - Paypal And Skrill Transfers + Prepaid Cards Welcome to my service Contact # egiftcards123 @ gmail .com Western Union Transfer Rates :- Prices List : 1,500$ Transfer = 300$ Bitcoins / Perfect money 2,000$ Transfer = 400$ Bitcoins / Perfect money 3,000$ Transfer = 500$ Bitcoins /...
  4. PayPal transfer, WU transfer and Carded electronics

    Quality safe services, I offer transfers for Western Union and PayPal, along with that I also offer electronics from time to time, depending on inventory. Scroll down to see what is currently available. Western Union Transfer : Available Price List : 2,500$ Transfer = 300$ Bitcoin 3,000$...

    Hello I am looking forward to a continuous partnership, but I cannot pay upfront as there are many rippers in here. 1) You send me the MTCN 2) I pickup the cash 3) I buy BTC 4) I pay you via BTC. If you agree with this, contact me via my ICQ: 723 515 558
  6. Brand new member here!

    Hello everyone! Glad to join this forum. I have source to unlimited paypal accounts. Any one good at sending funds can work with me. Looking forward to make some good money!
  7. I can cashout Moneygram, Western Union, Skrill, worldremit, and Sendvalu instantly

    I can cashout Moneygram, Western Union, Skrill, worldremit, and Sendvalu instantly. All you have to do is send money in the above forms and in 10 minutes (max) you will have your cash in untraceable bitcoins. I have been cashing out $ 10,000 daily for a single guy. My rates are the best because...
  8. I will help you cashout western union or moneygram

    I can help you cashout western union or moneygram for a small percentage of the money been received. I can transfer the money to you using btc or by wire. Contact: yahoomail/messenger- [email protected]
  9. Your New Business Partner in France (must read it)

    Hi carders, I am based in France and i do lot of stuffs like : -selling CC french (80%) -cashout in Europe -offshore banking cashout luxembourg Im looking for partners for carding activities in France and Europe Contact Me : hidden
  10. Western Union transfer

    - We Have big Western Union Service for everywhere and every when for you. - We transfer money to all country in world. - We can transfer big amount. And you can receive this money from your country. - For large transfer . We make is very safe. And this service is very fast. - We make...

    Hello all, usa based exchanger exchanging pm to moneypak/wu/mg 1pm:1usd exchange rate fast,reliable service available 24hrs contact via ym/icq/phone english speaking only all countries welcome no dealers/timewasters thanx for your time ym:********* icq:*********...

    SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLES ! Get at me quick before they're all gone . I stopped carding about 2 years ago but I'm back in action . I've got cvvs for you , SQL injection software , Paypal money transfers , PRE made dumps which I ship , bank movements and tracks . For pricing info and any business...
  13. how'dy

    I'm new to this website I stumbled across it actually and feel in love haha
  14. Hello Everyone!!

    True carder here, looking for some new dump vendors and possibly connect with some great ppl tp start along lasting business relationship
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