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  1. M

    Walmart visa gift card instant cash out!!

    I load Walmart via gift card. It takes an hour to reflect and we can cash out via Walmart to Walmart transfer/WU/MoneyGram etc. the card CANNOT be used at the atm but can be used for making purchases. The card costs just $5 to buy. I need just 1 or 2 trusted person/persons to partner with and we...
  2. R

    Order’s; BestBuy, Amazon, Walmart, Oki-Ni and more

    I make orders for you with 8/10 success rate. Send me your order and a drop. I will get to work. Orders costs $50-$150 depending on size of order and website. (Some websites offer higher security) Reply with your ICQ and I will message you. Serious inquires only. I only deal with regulars (2+...
  3. R

    [Service] Cheap Electronics , iPhone , Laptops , macbooks

    Best Regards , Borislav
  4. R

    How To successfully Electronics [WALMART] *WORKING*

    How To successfully Electronics [WALMART] *WORKING* Website We Are Going To Be Focused On Today : WALMART - EVERYTHING IS CARDABLE IF CARDED CORRECTLY - :....WALMART.COM....: How Walmart Dectects Fraud : This System Is Still Being Used In 2013 [Was...
  5. Agent06

    How to card Walmart :)

    Today i will teach u how to card walmart with a little amount and be expert in carding it , first all you need to get a fresh Disc or Amex cvv , first test cvv if is fresh 0 on checker and if is fresh , then go to walmart.com website , first u will have to register on the cvv full details with...