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  1. Zexy

    I sell Dumps+Pin USA, Track 2, 101

    I sell Dumps+Pin USA, Track 2, 101 Many who work with my Dumps make good money. This is an exemplary statistic of cash out: 20 dump = 4k usd approximate amount 1000 dump = 200k usd approximate amount In pos terminal results much better. Sample statistics for cash out in pos: 300 dumps - 100k...
  2. Zexy

    SAMPLES OF DUMPS 99% valid

    SAMPLES OF DUMPS: 4256280013803094=20042010000000002228 4117733974060517=20072010000000007228 4748430032614321=22012012019619600000 5329068378112536=18032010000078100100 5111651342518292=19071010000096300000
  3. Zexy

    Freebie USA 101 d+p

    Freebie USA 101 d+p 4342562935033355=18061010000000737 3238 First come first serve ICQ : 706341687
  4. Zexy

    Kill USA cc

    4447962351640721 932 05/20 Visa Shaikh Ismail Naperville 23 60540 US Apt#8 6309986000 [email protected]
  5. Zexy

    usa valid kill fast 100% live

    4147211014135049|10|2018|208|UNITED STATES|[email protected]|
  6. Zexy

    You will thank me for this card....rep for more valid cards

    CCnum:: 5457568716794253 Cvv: 898 Expm: 03 Expy: 20 Fname: Kristi Lname: Hacohen Address: hacohen City: CUNDLES RD E State: ONTARIO Zip: L4M3A1 Country: CANADA Phone: Email: Dob: 1980-09-15 Ssn:

    Need to partner with a consistant vendor who will be capable of supplying 100+ information at a time i will be purchasing just a couple at first to see how valid they are, I would really prefer to use a escrow servica as well, if anyone fits this description feel free to message me on ICQ: 720...
  8. Zexy

    USA Fullz price is $15 i have 20pcs fullz 99% valid or high balance

    Name: Elizabeth Miller Account Type : Checking Routing Number : 111901975 Account Number : 2318731 Card Type : VISA-DEBIT Card Level : CLASSIC Bank Country : UNITED STATES Card Number: 4306281001761187 Expired: 07/19 Cvv: 803 Address: PO Box 1723 City: Bandon State: OR Zip: 97411 Country: USA...
  9. Zexy

    High Valid Fresh

    4060955295807519|04|2018|384|UNITED STATES|Jeffrey|Crouse|16741 Stoneway Dr.|Nunica||49448|6165025001|[email protected]||Mozilla5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome56.0.2924.87 Safari537.36||||||

    5178059390241389=180720115143663901_Address=112 WINTHROP AVE_Zip=12203_Purchase=38.025178059390241389^PERRY/LATOYA ^1807201000000000015143663901000?;5178059390241389=1807201151436639014147202195940364^BRINKLEY/JODY...
  11. Try doctor's dumps! they solve any problem! valid rate 99 % !

    -You're late with rent and owner threatens to evict you ? - Your girlfriend is pregnant and you don't have money to do something ? - Your car it's broken and you don't have money to fix it? Don't worry , we have the solution !!! Come at our medical office and our doctors will give you the...

    4447962221570736=180210110000017 | Credit | Platinum | Credit One Bank, N.A. | United States | TX | Amarillo | 79118 | | 444796 | 4447962255500187=170710110000073 | Credit...
  13. Fresh and valid USA dumps is updated now

    AM GOOD PROVIDER FULLZ AND CREDIT CARD HAVE GOT NON VBV THAT WILL GOOD MY FULLZ COMES WITH THIS INFO First Name : Linda Middle Name : M Last Name : Jackson Spouse Name : Ruth Ratledge Father Name : Pual Jackson Billing Address : 6012 Westfall Rd City : Lantana State : FL Zip Code : 33463...
  14. CARD SHOP - Fresh CCs/Fullz Shop (Now accepting Perfect Money and Bitcoins)

    NEW ONLINE CVV SHOP. http://cardshop.su/ + Free BIN and other search! + NO minimal deposit! + Free CC checker. + Very nice valid. + PERFECT MONEY (auto) and BitCoins (manual) deposit. + Easy to use and clean design. + Big base from USA, CA, EU and other locations. + Accounts shop +...
  15. Fress Visa USA 100 Valid

    4705051002002379|4|2013|044 Norman Pow 744 Jamestown Road Collegeville PA 19426 US 247-150-2525 VALID
  16. Master USA 100% Valid

    5509100100274300|4|2013|545 maryanne steele 40 kuhn lane duncansville pa 16635 usa 850-189-4608 valid
  17. Checking If Cvv2 is Valid

    Works good because you don't have to charge the card to see if valid. First Go to hxxp://dreambuilders.com then Choose any product,checkout next paste the cvv2 real info +wrong billing, if it says Unable to authorize payment: The transaction resulted in an AVS mismatch. The address...
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