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  1. Zexy

    -------DUMP Services:-------

    + skimmer ATM with pin + POS tracks with pin Codes 101-521-201 121-221-110 100-90-80 122-91-120 226-106-81 71-70-206 CardNumber=4190004341231284 HolderName1=DALAS/WILLIAMS HolderName2= CardExp=08/15 Carrier=101 Track1=B4190004341231284^FRANK/JEFFREY R/^1302101184710000000000426000000...
  2. Zexy

    Sample Dumps

    Sample Dumps 5472330008670852=170920109010078900 5466322221600343=17101010000079400100 6011007128457859=19101011000505794202 6011208899867082=19101011001168906102 4159770011554986=19082010736101737 4411030015534383=17091010000098700000 4093110009873065=18021010567101827?%B4093110009873...
  3. Zexy


    Resellers card dumps prices and conditions I want to introduce new BINs list, new stuff and new prices with good conditions and discounts. Below you can read conditions and prices for available stuff types. To get BINs list you have to ask me by email or icq and I'll send you it. I prefer to...
  4. S

    new here

    hello to all, im looking for real Business man to do wu transfer with