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  1. A

    Need RDP Shop SCRIPT & Selling Fresh RDPS Of all Locations

    Hello! I Need RDP SHOP SCRIPT,Please PM me on ICQ :- 481465 . And im also Seeling Fresh RDPS Of All Locations Through out the world. Thankyou
  2. FXGG

    RDP / Socks5 - I need to understand about RDP

    Hi everyone, So ive carded plenty before but always in a rush because socks5 lasts only usually 12-24 hours. So i wanted to know what is the need for rdp, ive heard of everyone using it but cant understand why as there pricey as f***. Are people using RDP on its own like VPN>RDP - Buying of...
  3. A

    Cool Free RDP

    This are some COOL RDP! For any other RDP you need Contact me: ICQ: 854746 [email protected];12345 [email protected];1234 DE [email protected];user2 [email protected];user [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
  4. S


    -Hello guys Online -Selling RDP USA Admin with gurantee -Selling Shop Scripts with Reseller or any rdp or shop scripts...etc Enjoy ! MANY STUFFS COMING, MANY STUFFS UPDATED!
  5. R


    New member here. I'm RDP Seller and other tools seller. Glad to be here
  6. M

    Scanner Remote Desktop (free rdp)

    FIRST YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD NMAP http://nmap.org/dist/nmap-5.51-setup.exe AFTER YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD DUBrute_2.0_RC3 FOR BRUTEFORCE NOTICE Tutorial Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwqWOTaEye8