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  1. H


    Hello everybody; I´d like to share with you one of most PHP Mailer wanted in the world, I love it personnaly because it's edited with a last scripts of this year (02-03-2017) I was looking for a long ... long.. time, then I found a lot of mailers like this one but nothing works as I would. So...
  2. mltgo

    Hi carders

    Hi everyone,i am new ,i have 6-7 years practic about hacking,and i am cisco engineer,i am interested carding 1-2 month,if someone need help i am ready to help))
  3. U

    Php shell WSO 2.6

    This is php shell WSO 2.6 Download: Php shell WSO 2.6
  4. Z

    Hello World

    Hello World Name :- Zero Gravity Team :- Sub7 And TF Skills :- Linux, Malware Analyser, Scanning, Spamming, HTML PHP CSS Coding Thanks All :)
  5. N

    Release: Download Bankofamerica scama 2015 | Smart | Undetected | PHP+HTML5

    Hello guys, Today i have a done a new Scam page for Bankofamerica with powerful features to make it hard to detect ,what is make it powerful is because it coded with PHP and html5 Here's some of the main features of it: 1. To avoid detection: - Blacklist contains most security companies...
  6. D

    Mass Subdomain Maker And Mass Defacer [PHP]

    It's My Friends <?php /* coded by force ex...
  7. Agent06

    Free PHP mailer ..........

    PHP Mailer Enjoy ! :rolleyes:
  8. Agent06

    SQL Scanner Bot [php]

    Don't upload the script to free hosting like t35,My3gb..etc it doesn't work (except if you got your own paid server) Warning: set_time_limit() [function.set-time-limit]: Cannot set time limit in safe mode in /..../bug.php on line 7 Fatal error: Call to undefined function socket_create() in...
  9. M

    Free PHP mailers

    Hi here is 2 Diffrent links of PHP mailers .:::: Powered By Unix ::::. .:::: Powered By Unix ::::.