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  1. V

    New Member

    Hello admin and all member im new on here expecting for a succesful time on here
  2. T

    Brand new member here!

    Hello everyone! Glad to join this forum. I have source to unlimited paypal accounts. Any one good at sending funds can work with me. Looking forward to make some good money!
  3. B

    Hi, new member here

    Hi I'm new to the carding scene and look to learn lots from here. Nice to meet you all!
  4. L

    New member here

    Hey guys, New here,used to sit on alphabaymarket,but recently discovered this forum,which is great IMHO. Really interested in online carding, trying to improve my knowledge. Did some work regarding bank drops in Australia. Hope to help as much as I can and make new valuable contacts)
  5. O

    I'm now a member

    I am ordering cvv and do spamming activities.
  6. M

    New guy with ambitions

    I'm a russian-speaking guy. Looking for business partners from world wild. Also I need a team of drops to receive shipped stuff. I can: - card in to Steam - get PP logs worldwild - get mail:pass databases from vulnerable sites - do SQLi to the vulnerable sites - bruteforce Steam, PP...
  7. R

    new member

    Hi it's my first hour here i hope that we can help each other call me redvibes ;)
  8. V

    Exploited College Girls MEMBER

    Site URL Welcome! Username PhCstB Password zcg9hY enjoy,