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  1. L

    Hello Guys... Nice to meet you...

    Hello guys,, i am new here... and i am happy can found this forum
  2. J

    Hey guy, nice to meet you all

    I am new here.
  3. J

    my intro

    hay justdoit187 here. new to this site and learning the ropes quick. I am USA Cali boy. nice to meet yall
  4. L

    Hello CardersForum

    Hi everyone. I'm lamentofking. I'm from the USA and found this site just looking to buy gift cards. I'm into computer programming and video games. Hopefully I can meet a seller/vendor who will meet my requirements and we can have a long-lasting business relationship. I'll make sure to make my...
  5. S

    joined today

    Hi everyone! I've just joined today. Nice to meet all you guys, and have good cardings!
  6. N


    It's me... :D Im here to meet some good carders and teach myself the business. Take care