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  1. B

    hey im new here

    Hello members of this forum i just joined and im looking towards helping alot in this community
  2. P

    Hey Everybody

    Just joined today a little new to this just purchased a msr605 and trying to test it out
  3. J

    Hey guy, nice to meet you all

    I am new here.
  4. S

    hey, new here

    nice to meet you all.
  5. R

    Hey People

    ​Have some bank trojans for work
  6. R


    New member here. I'm RDP Seller and other tools seller. Glad to be here
  7. S

    hey all

    hi all am very now here and looking to learn from the masters here thanks
  8. S

    hey hey

    hey im here today thanks
  9. S

    hey yall

    My name is Slevin and am happy to be here. New to this site and cant wait to see what help I can find
  10. I

    i am imac226

    hey i am iMac226 here to make money I have lots of EU Ireland, USA and uk CC want to find partner to cash out
  11. 1

    Hey all

    Hello everyone :cool:
  12. K


    hello! you can call me kobecash, im here to learn, and to expand my business.. see ya aroundhttp://www.true-carders.com/images/icons/Cash.png
  13. Z


    Name :Michael Nick Name :Zio Darkblade From :USA City :Canoga Park Sex :Male Hobbies :Surfing the web and watching youtube videos i Got This Site From ? Google Thank You! Zio!
  14. B

    hey im Brett

    Hola im Brett im new to carding and hope to have fun :)