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  1. K

    Hello guys

    Just arrived in China but need help carding here is so different any advice
  2. T

    hello guys

    hello everyone I'm new here I'm from uk this site I found in Google n hope i can enjoy here thanks
  3. B

    Hi guys

    User name: batavia771 From: Indonesia City: Jakarta Hobby: Travelling Got this site from google.com
  4. Q

    Hi guys, I'm Quantum !

    Hello, I'm new ! I have no knowledge about this world of carding, hacking ect... I'm here to learn. I need you, people ! (I'm French and sorry for my bad english.) I am around twenty years old. I would like to send me some tutorials about the carding (in general), socks5, vpn, Paypal...
  5. H


    Hi guys, I'm Salvatore, I'm in the US, I have some experience but you can never have too much, can ya?
  6. S

    joined today

    Hi everyone! I've just joined today. Nice to meet all you guys, and have good cardings!