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  1. K

    Hello guys

    Just arrived in China but need help carding here is so different any advice
  2. T

    hello guys

    hello everyone I'm new here I'm from uk this site I found in Google n hope i can enjoy here thanks
  3. B

    Hi guys

    User name: batavia771 From: Indonesia City: Jakarta Hobby: Travelling Got this site from google.com
  4. Q

    Hi guys, I'm Quantum !

    Hello, I'm new ! I have no knowledge about this world of carding, hacking ect... I'm here to learn. I need you, people ! (I'm French and sorry for my bad english.) I am around twenty years old. I would like to send me some tutorials about the carding (in general), socks5, vpn, Paypal...
  5. H


    Hi guys, I'm Salvatore, I'm in the US, I have some experience but you can never have too much, can ya?
  6. Billionaire

    Got Any Problem? Just Reply To This Thread..!!

    Hello Guy's If you getting any problem about any error on forum just reply to this thread And your problem will be solve asap, Be 1st to inform us and get VIP status Cheer's
  7. S

    joined today

    Hi everyone! I've just joined today. Nice to meet all you guys, and have good cardings!