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  1. D

    PayPal and fraud scheme

    I’m selling a PayPal with $2700 available credit. I could also let someone cash out using the account and split a percentage with me. I also am trying to work with anyone in full control of someone’s banking info or account with Chase, Wells, Bank of America, BMO, etc. They must be 18 years or...
  2. B

    If you need any help with Carding/Fraud

    if you need any help with carding or fraud or whatever will help FOR FREE fuck people who charge money. add me: ICQ : 481465 Wickr : *********
  3. U

    When you card too much pizza/food, Almost caught! funny real storry

    Whatsup people of verified, Today IM gonna share an interesting story This will cover why u need good opSec and good social engineering skills This is a real story and happened today.. What happened? So basically lets start with some background... Me and some friends we enjoy smoking a ton of...
  4. xtremedj

    I Can Making Fake Bank site, Fraud website, Android app,etc... No Upfront payment!

    Moved To Verified Seller SF: https://www.cardersforum.se/10090i-can-build-anything-you-want-php-java-html-fake-bank-website-etc.htm
  5. M

    Help on Tax Refund Fraud

    Hello members, I need help on the procedure to filing Tax Refund Fraud. I would be grateful if someone could provide a self explanatory detailed tutorial on this. Thanks in anticipation friends
  6. M

    Credit Card Fraud

    You would love to get air tickets for your next holiday right in your living room. It cuts all the cacophonic troubles of reaching there as everything happens with just a few taps on the key board. Nowadays every one of us likes online shopping due to its convenience and easiness. It�s not only...