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    Looking for workers in the State

    I need full details of client, including drivers license and address to send prepaid card to. I will load the prepaid card after I receive the front and back picture of the prepaid card. Contact now.
  2. M

    Drop, stuff reship

    Hello everyone, i need help with stuff reshiping, i will be happy if you help me, i need some contacts to verified reshipers from Poland or Russia. (please answer as much as possible) Thanks
  3. G

    ATM Cashout and WU Cashout drop

    Hi this is gtrax here and its good to be at this forum. :angel: I am WU and ATM cashout guy (US, EU, UK dumps+pin cashout). I have drops and cashiers also. Can go to different cities around the world. We cash and we pay via BTC/WU/MG So lets do good business. Thanks :cheerful...
  4. Z

    I am a friend to all

    Hello forum I have years on this topic, I am in Latin America (Perú) I am a legitimate receiver purchases, if they need my help can contact me... Thanks a lot.
  5. M

    HI Everybody, I offer a U.S drop

    Hi everybody. Im new to this forum and I would like to offer a honest reliable service to all members. I have a really good U.S drop in New York. I am open to any offers anybody may have. We can work everything out on yahoo messenger if you are interested. I can be contacted at ******** on yahoo...
  6. B

    UK Drop service is avalaible / Wire transfer

    Hello,like title says,i have UK drops most of all bank's in UK,if somebody intersted PM PS. Minimum is 5 k Thanks.
  7. M

    Shop online in usa without drop and have goods shipped to you

    Some people probably know this already, but here is a little guide for those who don't you can buy from USA online stores and have your goods delivered to a us address which then forwards your goods to the destination country of choice. Go to MyUS.com - MyUS.com - Top Rated Package and Mail...