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    Does anyone have a way to get lowe`s gift card codes? i am looking for loaded/hacked cards. for: walmart lowes sears mcdonalds AMAZON EBAY or I am willing to learn the system from the right teacher.
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    List of Merchant POS Codes (Useful for understanding decline transactions while cardi

    00 Approved authorization/transaction 01 Call 02 Refer card to issuer 03 Invalid division code 04 Pickup 05 Do not honor 06 Other error 08 Approved, honor with ID 10 Default call 11 Approved VIP approval 12 Invalid Transaction Type 13 Bad amount 14 Invalid credit card number 15...
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    A little about dump service codes

    Ever wondered what the service codes (101, 201, 203 etc...) meant when buying dumps. The value of the service code determines where the cards are suitable to use and in what way. 4802394718492472=141210111009248 - The underlined section is the service code on a dump. First digit (Usage...
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    Card Number and different Card Security Codes

    Hello carders!I hope you're all safe and ready to learn some more things.I written about cashing out cvv the I saw that I didn't say what are cvv.So here we are.Lets us understand today what is the structure of a card number ant what is a cvv. First we can talk about the card number.It is the...
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    Partial List of Gateway Error Codes

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    Codes Unlock Secrets Of Automated Phone Systems, The IVR Cheat Sheet

    paulenglish.com/ivr/ Codes Break Mystery Of Automated Phone Systems FORT WORTH, Texas -- Business customers who call for service typically are greeted by interactive voice response systems that require people to "Press 1" for a particular line of questioning or "Press 2" for a different...