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  1. SharkVN


    verifiedcarder.net is best carding forum dedicated to money making schemes. Share knowledge on the carding forums about cracking forums, leaks and premium accounts. Verified carding Forum - Carding forums - Best Forum For Cash App PayPal Transfer Western union Transfer Carding Forum - Carder...
  2. R

    Carders Contest - Free dumps with pins and an opportunity to join the Reputed Rescators

    Hello carders., here's your once in life opportunity. We are a Russian based carders, run by the first carder himself, the Rescator. We invite experienced and talented carders to participate in an open competition. Rules: First interaction must be through ICQ: 'Hilfiger Boss' A contestant will...
  3. S

    Scammers, Carders & Clickers (GET WITH ME ASAP)

  4. J

    Hundreds Of Cardeble Sites ( Easter Special ) SEND PM FOR MORE

    Hi Guys! Easter Special for everyone. My orthodox bros next week , ill get you guys something something. Also I didn't want to flood this so if more is needed, send me a PM. ( I'm not selling anything, not interested of your mothers maiden name, or i don't want any BTC to any fucking ACC )...
  5. J

    Amazon Tutorial ( 1 out of 3 ) Easter Special

    Amazon Tutorial Well I'll explain them 2 ways That thing you need is to card? 1 .- Cvv2 to address, Full Name, Phone, Zip, Ci ty, and State of the cc. 2 .- you need is a sock 4 or 5 which is the st ate of the cc (I hope the city) And this sock must never have used before to...
  6. J

    Crding for Beginners ( Easter Special )

    Online shopping is an easy way to cash out CVV and Fullz which most of you probably already know but if there is anyone who still need help with it ,here you have it.Carder use this method from long time but because many of them are very smart and do it hidden their IP this kind of fraud is very...
  7. L

    Need Carding Help

    I've tried to card several times and always had the card declined. I am pretty sure I am using the proper opsec for carding. I have set up a virtualbox with vpn and used a rdp with sock5 proxies within the vicinity of the card's origin and yet Im still getting declined. Can anyone help me with this?
  8. DrokCarder

    How to make track one with track 2.

    Short tut, on how to make track one with track 2. Take example of last dump Track2 (this is a dump): Example dump info: 4888603170607238=15051011203191805191 PATACSIL/DAVID Bank of America, N.A. (USA) CREDIT PLATINUM United States of America 4888603170607238=15051011203191805191 <----This...
  9. DrokCarder

    Getting money from your dumps.

    Getting money from your dumps. It applies mostly to the US, but others can pick up some tips too. How to cash out Dump and sleep peacefully at night, what is there to fear? And the most importantly – how are they trying to find us? I’m sure everyone has their own methods and approaches, so we...
  10. Y


    If your from the UK looking for a valid UK Bin and methods hit me up on ICQ i got the methods and bins for the following websites: JDSPORTS FOOTLOCKER FLANNELS APPLE SELFRIDGES NIKE Hit me up on my ICQ:481465
  11. Tony

    WORLDREMIT carding tutorial

    THINGS NEEDED : REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION (RDP) CREDIT CARD (CC) CORRECT PHONE NUMBER METHOD: Buy A World Remit Old Account At Paysell.info Or Any Other Site 1.You Buy A CC With Details (ESPECIALLY PHONE NUMBER) 2.You Will Need Correct Phone Number Like In The CC Details.. 3.Create a Yahoo or...
  12. T

    Fresh, Live CC Selling Out Fast As Ever!!!!

    Want some live active cc for only $20 in bitcoin? PM me right now they are selling out fast! BINS: 435544 511361 492497 Must be bitcoin ready to purchase!
  13. D

    ;) Newbie - Best country to card?

    Hello, just getting into carding. I wanted to know what country is the best and easiest to card? Also what is the best method if your are carding from a country you don't live in? Thanks so much, any help will be greatly appreciated.
  14. A

    I am new

    Hello everyone, I am new here, I want someone who can teach me more about carding, I have already learned some new things since I joined here, I know some little carding but I always end up losing money, I want to be good at what I do and I am ready to share or pay if that is what it will cost...
  15. B

    I thought I was in, then the card company said "nope"... What'd did I do wrong?***HELP***

    Alright so here's what I did exactly... Can a more seasoned vet on here tell me what I should've done differently, or if there just wasn't a chance to begin with? I don't currently have a working computer (in the middle of moving so half my shit is in storage; the computer in their is shit...
  16. B

    If you need any help with Carding/Fraud

    if you need any help with carding or fraud or whatever will help FOR FREE fuck people who charge money. add me: ICQ : 481465 Wickr : *********
  17. M

    High balance cvv

    I Got CVV With Good and High balance Of 500$ to 5k For Carding Online, Shopping Or Online Payment Anyone Interested Should Add Me For long term business.....
  18. M

    Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Ebay & Estay Gift Cards Available

    500$ card in just 250$ 1000$ card in just 350$ 1500$ card in just 500$ you can order one or multiple cards ICQ : 481465 Note: Payment Method is BTC or PM Three months replacement Guarantee Contact me : 481465 Contact me If you are interested to Buy Wu,Bank,Paypal,Skrill Transfers And...
  19. R

    Order’s; BestBuy, Amazon, Walmart, Oki-Ni and more

    I make orders for you with 8/10 success rate. Send me your order and a drop. I will get to work. Orders costs $50-$150 depending on size of order and website. (Some websites offer higher security) Reply with your ICQ and I will message you. Serious inquires only. I only deal with regulars (2+...
  20. Y

    Latest uber or Lyft bins for USA

    Does know where I can find the lastest bins for Uber or Lyft I found some but for outside of USA i need for USA . I would really appreciate it if someone can let me know. Thank you.
  21. L

    ATM cash out with dumps

    Sorry for bothering you... I have ran into a slight problem and need help. I have used services in the past but I wanted to try this "cash out" method. If anyone can tell me how to cash out at an ATM with dumps, I would appreciate it with no more than five steps. Reputable sources only.
  22. A

    Antidetect-7.3 Fully Cracked Portable Version+5000_Configs|100% Carding Success

    Today I'm gonna share with you Antidetect 7.3+5000 Configs New Fully Cracked Version for free.. No need to buy it..just download use and success with carding! Steps To Use : 1.Download file from mega 2.Extract Using Winrar 3.Double click file and it start to extract(wait 10 minutes) 4.Goto My...
  23. akyra

    Cashout cvv or fullz-online shopping

    Cashout cc,cvv or fullz-online shopping Guys please remember that this is a free access made up for educational propose ONLY and I'm not responable for the way in which you will use the information shared here.You can learn how to protect yourself against frauds and how your bank information...
  24. R

    How to block all non-VPN traffic

    If the connection to the VPN will break then everywhere will display your real ip-address. To avoid this and block any non-VPN connection you need to add a rule to the firewall. How to do it consider the example Comodo Firewall (link on official website). Install Comodo and run. In main window...
  25. R

    Hacked coinpot.co accounts

    @Mad_Carder: amaam Shaikh: [email protected]:lokpo1991|0.00000755 BTC [email protected]:k98964622n|0.00001503 BTC [email protected]:3130611833s|0.00000098 BTC [email protected]:chahba1996|0.00000188 BTC, 0.01333333 DOGE [email protected]:titova2007|0.00001627 BTC...
  26. R

    Vypr Vpn Carding Tutorial

    https:// www. goldenfrog. com/vyprvpn Method : Paypal BIN 1. MAKE EMAIL USING Protonmail**** 2. SWITCH TO FRANCE VPN 3. GO TO PAYPAL.COM/MX 3. FILL UP ALL DETAILS 4. FOR DATA USE (www.datafakegenerator.com) 5. COMPLETE ALL PROCESS OF SIGNUP TO PAYPAL 6. GO TO CC GEN 7. BIN : 483745070313xxxx...
  27. B

    i need someone who can provide me with custom photo id scans

    Hello i am looking for a shop or someone who can provide me with authentic looking scans of id that will pass verification.
  28. H

    POS Skimmer for sale

    We sell POS Skimmer. We have Verifone POS Skimmer modes but you can also order other models and we will see if we have it in stock POS Skimmer's details Gsm Reader Inside Cover original POS Battery autonomy 96 hours Send Trak 1 Trak 2 Trak 3 and PIN Number PRICE: 1585€ We will ship the...
  29. D

    Deal in Thailand!!

    Hi I'm Thais. First my Eng is not good enough. Now I need to make some money from any stuff you can sell to me (I mean about smart phone or watch or jewelry and etc.) but I dont have too much money so it mean I cant buy any expensive stuff now but would be later after I got some cash from small...
  30. U

    Newbie seeking to learn Carding

    I would like to learn how I can get money using this method. my goal is to have cash but I also see people using gift cards etc. I would like to learn the basics and the required tools to help me learn. if anyone has experience or advice please feel free to give me anything I can gain knowledge...
  31. Tony

    Do you need a permanent job ?

    Hi if you are jobless and looking for a job we can offer you 300$ to 700$ per month permanent job here is details of job 200$ Per month Package (Extra reward will offered if you done more work ) Post Per day = 25 Daily Activity = 3/5 Hours (Min/Max) Post Type = Carding Tutorials / Hacking...
  32. Zexy

    Apple Carding Method 100% Works !!!

    Apple Method For applications DuDe Click on the image to see full Size Greetings What you need: - iPhone or iPad or apple device. - Good Vpn for your apple device I prefer using a Vpn same as the card country - A Valid CC Method: 1- Create a new Apple Account same country as your CC. 2-...
  33. 2

    Transfer to your VISA card to 3000$

    Перейдите на свою карточку VISA / Paypal для выплат, до 3000 $ / минимальный заказ 500 $ ТОЛЬКО ВИЗОВЫЕ КАРТЫ Все вопросы пишут здесь icq 724232356 / mail [email protected]
  34. J


    carding can be done in mobile or not tell me i want to discuse one thing its a billon dollar deal
  35. B

    Good Carding Sites?

    Anybody has good carding sites? Tired of getting things canceled.
  36. M

    Ebay Carding Method

    Hi brothers! Escrow on. Jabber: [email protected]
  37. mltgo

    Hi carders

    Hi everyone,i am new ,i have 6-7 years practic about hacking,and i am cisco engineer,i am interested carding 1-2 month,if someone need help i am ready to help))
  38. P

    Best Carding IRC Server

    /server IRC.UnixIRCD.Net/server IRC.PcIRC.NetWelcome For all CARDERS
  39. I

    Hello guys!!!!

    Hi Guys how are you today!!??? Nice to meet you all especially the admin!!
  40. H

    Ebay Carding Tuts

    Default how to card ebay Section 1: Security. 1) We need to get an ebay with email access. 2) We use email access to get access to the paypal. 3) We then get some socks5, 4) Always use same state socks5. If you can use same city. But not needed. 5) Check your socks5 6) Now log-in to your...
  41. T

    Hi! I am new here

    Hello all, I just wanted to introduce myself here. I was introduced to carding in November/December 2014. Since then I have been carding online as well in real life stores. I have read a lot of guides on how to card and I have learnt most of the things on myself just by trying over and over...
  42. U


    SELLING QUALITY FULLZ CVV DUMPS+PIN CARDING SERVICE WESTERN UNION BANK TRANSFER VERIFIED PAYPAL-SERVICES BANK LOGINS GIFTCARDS *****ALSO SHIP (Laptop , led tv ,iphone, Sneakers, Clothing and more)Book Flight Tickets,Hotels Online*** Sell Credit Card (CVV) high balance good payment for...
  43. L

    Hello cave!!! Eager and all ears! Grateful for any help#

    I am new to this forum. I hope I am able to become a regular member. I am ready to soak up any and all advice/tips and learning techniques to protect and benefit myself and others. I am also willing to share my knowledge and methods. I would like to be thorough and loyal to those who assist me...
  44. N

    Card Anything Succesfull By Newblackhat

    Hey Guys, Today I am Gonna Share My Experience with you, How to Card Anything Succesfull for Newbies You Need Private RDP Non Blacklisted You Need Private Socks On RDP Non Blacklisted You Need Private CC Full Info Checked LIVE Login To RDP and PUT Socks VIP On It and Card Anything What...
  45. U


    SELLING QUALITY FULLZ CVV DUMPS+PIN CARDING SERVICE WESTERN UNION BANK TRANSFER VERIFIED PAYPAL-SERVICES BANK LOGINS GIFTCARDS *****ALSO SHIP (Laptop , led tv ,iphone, Sneakers, Clothing and more)Book Flight Tickets,Hotels Online*** Sell Credit Card (CVV) high balance good...
  46. F

    Sell Cc,Cvv2 fresh - Cvv Carder, WU Transfer and Banker transfer , Carding Dumps, Up

    I'm genuine hacker and big seller for many year in the underworld - You can contact me at any time to buy CVV, CC good and fresh 100% - I have some tools to make money online for all customer... - And I guarantee one thing, you will really happy if business with me - Prestige, quality and...
  47. D

    Hello carders

    Hello everyone. im new to this forum and carding too. i'd like to learn carding and i've found this website ;)
  48. D

    Elite Carders new dawn in carding world

    Hello everyone , We launched new Carding and Hacking forum Carding Forum - Carding - Credit Cards - Dumps - Tracks - Laptops Shipping - Bank Accounts - Western Union Transfer which is 100% Free to join and you can get free credit cards, paypal, SMTP, RDP, Webmail, Mailer, Porn account, Dumps...
  49. G

    A new Administrator with a vision

    Hello Carders Forum Users, My name is Daniel. I am 26 and is located in Scandinavia - Nothern Europe. I have a vision about creating the best carding ressources in the world. I want carding to be looked at as an art-style. Not a crime! Carders help to push security forward and make people...
  50. L

    support on carding!

    hi guys. I use to card for years before all this new security come into place. here in the UK we never needed socks5 or VPN ect. I have access to unlimited supply of USA cc but when trying to card I get declined? I no these cards are of HQ because this is my same contact from that time, I...
  51. A

    Day One of My Carding Career

    I am Agent Smith and I took BannedBooks class on the AlphaBay Market. This is the first forum I registered to start my carding career.
  52. Red Bull

    FLIPKART Carding Method (2016)

    Here We Are With New Tweak In Flipkart , Again Working Flipkart New Carding Method . Steps :- 1. First Some Basic Information. Use SOCKS of Same Location Of CC . 2. Create Account In Flipkart With Same Name As CC . 3. Give Positive Reveiw For SOme Flipkart Products . 4. Add Product in...
  53. S

    Tips For Carding

    since theres not a lot of help out there Try to get info in your state/general area. Sites will be suspicious if a person from NY is shopping in TX. Not impossible but why bring any attention to yourself? Get fast shipping or digital goods! Why has no one mentioned Gazelle? they have 1...
  54. P

    Hey there guys!

    My name is Paradise`, I've been lurking the forum from time to time, so i just decided to deal with someone of the verified sellers, so I thought i should sign up and join the community. I'm just getting into carding, i know many people and relatives who have done carding, just interested in the...
  55. P


    Hoi! Name is.... pippyd! From sweden. Trying to learn as much as I can about virtual carding. Hopefully this site will help me :-)
  56. H


    WANT IPHONE 5S can somebody card it at a low price?? payment VIA PAYPAL
  57. R

    Hey, rose.blood1773 newbie here

    My name is rose.blood1773, but most call me Rose. I am a single feemale beginner carder, beginner account and paypal minipulator, beginner wu and ach wire transfer but mainly I do fullz from all over the USA, right from San Francisco, CA. I came accross this site by searching an email address on...
  58. N


    Hello All cardersforum members I am here to provide you good cards and Fullz for carding,Flight booking And anything that involves purchase Of cards I am helping Those who need to know anything about carding too BUT THAT IS FOR FREE Contact me on icq or yahoo messenger for Deals...
  59. F

    Your New Business Partner in France (must read it)

    Hi carders, I am based in France and i do lot of stuffs like : -selling CC french (80%) -cashout in Europe -offshore banking cashout luxembourg Im looking for partners for carding activities in France and Europe Contact Me : hidden
  60. J

    NEW carding method! CC to cashout without chargeback!

    Download here: http://www.filedropper.com/carding_1
  61. M

    Selling easiest & best Carding and fullz cashing out method through MG 10 Fullz inc!

    This Offer wont be up for long and I'm only selling to a select few!, this method is still unknown to many people and highly profitable and extremely lucrative, your only regret will be to have not been one of the select few who is rolling on a mountain of one hundred dollar bills! I'm selling...
  62. B

    help with high value bank accounts

    whats up fellow true carders, i need some advice and will share the profits no problem. i have multiple high, possibly very high value corporation bank accounts. i have the account and routing number. I need advice on how to pull money from the account and put into other accounts of my...
  63. S

    vps carding?

    guys can you help me? i tried over 20 vps sites to card, they accept my card at first but then they say its fraud. help me please
  64. X

    Good carding servers?

    I'm looking for a good carding server on MIRc. Underunix is down and I don't know anymore good ones. Thanks for reading
  65. Z


    hi im new to this forum and im sorry if you thought I was giving away free cards but the reason I posted this is because I'm in need of cards i have been going from forum to forum for cards/tutorials and they all have the same thing like someone is copying and pasting tutorials XD. but yeah if...
  66. Agent06

    Private Tutorials Collections- All in One-Carding/Money Making/Hacking

    More Explanation About Pack : Its Contain : -Invest 30$ and make 3000$ (Private Tutorial for making Money), (illegal) -Money Making Machine 50$ per day -Ebay Carding Prv8 E-Book , -Get Unlimited Live Credit Cards Method (Tested + Working) -How To Hack Facebook Fan Pages and Earn Money -Dumps...
  67. M

    Carding using Mac.

    hello, Right now my work pc is dead and new one i will recive after 2weeks. So i have question, Can I use for Carding my personal MacBook Pro? I use Public Wifi, proxy. So what is your opinion? I dont no why im scared using it. :D
  68. M

    Advanced Carding

    INTRODUCTION: C=The *use* of our credit system for personal gain & financial freedom! H=The practice of accessing *secure* computers with innovative techniques/skill. I=Assuming or establishing a *new* guise by "creating" an identity on paper. P=The know-how and interest in the telecom...
  69. W


    Hello my name is Pedro. No I am not a mexican for those wondering. Anyways I know about carding and not much. I registered to learn from pros. I've only done small and I want to go big. So I want to learn more and one day be a pro and mentor to new members. I want to know what is needed to be a...
  70. M

    Carding online tutorial (how to stay safe shops to target etc)

    Hello everyone* How are you all doing? I'm doing good myself... I am here to let you in on a few tips and tricks when it comes to carding online and shops that you can easily card. Ultimately* every shop online is cardable* you just need the proper technique(s) and materials. Moving...
  71. M

    Carding Safetly And Tips

    Ever got your hands on some fraud CCs? Never know how to use them safetly, get your clothes online without getting caught? Here are some basic tips to prevent yourself from getting caught and getting packages! Note*: I have put some resources at the end of this guide. If feel free to go...
  72. M

    Before Getting Into Carding Must Read This

    Carding , or scamming as other people would say , is an art. It's basically ordering items from the Net (cellphones , laptops, PDA's , TV's ,......) without actually paying for it . or at least , not paying with your own money Now you'll all be wondering how we do this stuff. Well , most...
  73. M

    Terms of carding

    First of all understanding of credit card as phenomena. For example white guy is walking across Harlem without money, get in fast to the nearest bank. Has communicated to the manager, has signed that was given to sign and he already can spend $3000 as soon as will receive a card, and becomes a...
  74. M

    how to become successful in carding

    I am am asked often how many by years I in a theme. When I answer that 8 months - anybody do not trust. And in vain. I in the given note will try to give very short some councils to those people who in present hard for carding times only comes to themes with hope to earn to myself on a sweet...
  75. M

    Carding Terms

    AMVA--Association of American Motor Vehicle Agencies ACCOUNT NUMBER--A unique sequence of numbers assigned to a cardholder account that identifies the issuer and type of financial transaction card. ACQUIRER--A licensed member that maintains the merchant relationship and acquires the data...
  76. M

    Carding online the tutorial

    ============================================== ================================================== LEGAL TIDBITS ================================================== This FAQ is intended for educational PURPOSES ONLY. If youre a federalle and youre reading this, you better be educating...
  77. M

    The Carding Game

    So, you fashion yourself a bit of a player eh? Now that you are here you might as well take a chair and sit down and get a bit of education. The Art Of Carding..NOT.. So, you have decieved yourself or let someone else decieve you that carding was an easy game for people who have a...