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    Website development, BotnetDevelopment ,Fix bugs

    Hi. we are here to serve for: Languages we are specialists in: C ++, C #, Python, JS, PHP Service Lists We will develop almost any project. From simple to super complex. What we do: -Creating sites | Website improvement | Copying sites. - Creation of online stores | Development of corporate...
  2. Admin

    APK botnet Development

    Hi everybody! Assuming you realize how to direct people to black landing page, your companion to us Coders creating applications for APK are likewise happy to invite you to our agreeable group! Installment either by introduces $ 3 introduce, or piece-rate 20% of benefit + ss for 3D traffic...
  3. K

    Botnet cc

    Hello. My botnet . Checked for viruses - no viruses. Instruction is inside the archive. So far, in test mode, if there will be bugs - please write in PM Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/8btdx5 VT...
  4. K

    Botnet in the test FREE

    Hello dear friends. I present to you my botnet in test mode. The botnet produces credit card from different countries. Who wants to test during the week - P.M. Thank you
  5. T

    ToxicDz , botnet master

    Hi, all im tox from paris , im working on frensh banking ( france webinject ats, cashout )