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  1. Zexy

    Anonymous Us Bank With Atm Plastic Card

    Anonymous US Bank with ATM Plastic Card We offer anonymous US bank with ATM plastic card, shipping worldwide. client will receive the following information below ============================ Full Name: First Name: Last Name: Street Address: Postal Code: City or Town: State: Date/Month/Year...
  2. Software For Jackpotting All Models Of Wincor Nixdorf Atms And Ncr

    I have software for jackpotting all models of Wincor Nixdorf ATMs and NCR All that is needed is access to a USB port. You can see how easily USB ports can be accessed on some models in the videos. (link in jabber) The software works great however in some areas access to the USB ports maybe...
  3. Zexy

    -------DUMP Services:-------

    + skimmer ATM with pin + POS tracks with pin Codes 101-521-201 121-221-110 100-90-80 122-91-120 226-106-81 71-70-206 CardNumber=4190004341231284 HolderName1=DALAS/WILLIAMS HolderName2= CardExp=08/15 Carrier=101 Track1=B4190004341231284^FRANK/JEFFREY R/^1302101184710000000000426000000...
  4. Zexy

    100% real valid stuff anyone need pm mow,

    $18btc D U M P S $90btc for D U M P 101's + ATM PIN $100for D U M P 201's + ATM PIN $70btc for D U M P 220's, 221's + ATM PIN PROFILES CREDIT 600 - 700 credit score: $30btc 700 -800 credit score...
  5. Zexy

    A1 D+P with T1nT2

    A1 D+P with T1nT2 COUNTRIES : USA - EU - UK- ASIA-INDIA- FRANCE - TURKEY & QATAR ETC!! DP's format: 5120899001717544^CHONG KEAT WEI/ ^1808201000000000000000698;5120899001717544=18082010000000000698 PIN: 1947 101/201!! 95% validity 24hrs refund POLICY!! 706341687
  6. I'm selling ATM skimmers

    Hey guys I'm selling black ATM skimmers that take info directly to USB flash drive this takes down all info from billing to cvv. I'm selling for 500
  7. Atm Skimmer..... REAL DEAL!

    I can obtain and provide ATM skimmers for certain terminals.... (USA only) Stock is very limited, but legit. Only certain Diebold and NCR models are available at the moment. High quality, 3D printed. Email me for prices. Fast shipping, tracking provided. Not exactly cheap, but well...
  8. ATM Cashout and WU Cashout drop

    Hi this is gtrax here and its good to be at this forum. :angel: I am WU and ATM cashout guy (US, EU, UK dumps+pin cashout). I have drops and cashiers also. Can go to different cities around the world. We cash and we pay via BTC/WU/MG So lets do good business. Thanks :cheerful...

    Hi Guys............ Pleasure to meet you all.. Trust we will be good mates going forward... I have software for sale .. Audio WAV to TRACK.. Hit me up. ICQ-696231620
  10. Newbie Looking For Partner 50/50 Or What you may have to offer

    Am new her willing to work hard and work well with my partner i have a MSR606 and I am willing to ATM cash outs plese PM with your offers serious people (ONLY)........am willing to provide all my info needed for this partnership so please feel free to PM or ICQ : *********

    why buy dumps Dump with PIN or all this other risky stuff(PAY PAL AND BANK LOGINS WU TRANSFERS ALL THAT JUNK THAT RIPPERS LOVE TO GET YOU WITH)NOW u have the opportunity to skim ur own stuff BE your OWN BOSS and make your own BIG MONEY .. i got ALL the equipment u need...check video out.. more...
  12. Beware Card- and Cash-Trapping at the ATM

    Many security-savvy readers of this blog have learned to be vigilant against ATM card skimmers and hidden devices that can record you entering your PIN at the cash machine. But experts say an increasing form of ATM fraud involves the use of simple devices capable of snatching cash and ATM cards...
  13. How to Make an ATM Skimmer

    First of all, this is my first post. I'd like to say hi to everyone. I thought I would start off my post with something useful. I take no responsibility for these instructions. They were given to me from a friend. I DID NOT WRITE THEM, AND I DON'T TAKE CREDIT FOR THEM. These instructions...
  14. ATM Skimmer & POS

    Consider this incident � Jeremy was on his way to work and suddenly remembered that he had to buy flowers for Janice his co-worker who was celebrating her birthday that day. Jeremy pulled up at the closest ATM centre as he was falling short of cash. Jeremy went inside to withdraw $100 and...
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